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Procurement Manager

Job description:

1. Based on company’s overall planning and budget, organize and design the procurement plans and budgets with regard to business requirement; report and get the approval before organizing the procurement process, and responsible for the monitoring and management of the entire procurement, in order to ensure timely and precise procurement and reasonable cost;

2. Set and put into effect the procurement policies, design and optimize the procurement process, research, analyze and assess the needs and consumption of materials both of the target market and the company itself; familiar with supply channels and changes in the market;

3. Build up the supply system for material procurement, develop supply channels in multiple ways, participate in the development, selection, assessment and management of suppliers, build up and properly manage the supplier document management rules, and build up good cooperation relationship with the suppliers;

4. Responsible for procurement process control, management of procurement delivery time, organization of overall evaluation of the suppliers, and dealing with failed suppliers;

5. Participate in the acceptance of procured materials, contact timely with the suppliers if any problems occur, and address problems in accordance with the contracts;

6. Routinely write and submit monthly procurement reports, in order to inform the senior management about procurement of the entire company;

7. Content writing of department rules, process, manuals and contracts;

8. Other temporary tasks given by department manager and the senior management.


1. Full-time Bachelor of Science and above in mechanics, materials, optics etc.; good English user in reading, writing and speaking;

2. At least 3 years of experience in supply chain management in the opto-electronic industry, familiar with basic knowledge of non-standard equipment and optical lenses;

3. Proficient in ERP system, with rich experience in material control and management;

4. Extensive experience in team building and management; former R&D or engineering experience in optical or mechanical industry is preferred;

5. Good intra- and inter-department organization and coordination skills, good negotiation and communication skills, good team player;

6. Stick to work ethics.

BMF Material Technology Inc.

BMF Material Technology Inc.(BMF)focuses on the design, development and production of Micro/Nano-scale 3D printing system and Micro/Nano scale functional composite materials.
BMF is a spin-off company from the 3D Nano-manufacturing and Nano-photonics group led by Professor Nicholas Fang at MIT, co-founder and Chief Scientist of BMF.
BMF’s R&D team has extensive experiences in areas such as optical design, material development, hardware engineering, and nano-manufacturing, etc. BMF has offices in Boston (USA),Shenzhen and Hong Kong(China).
Micro/Nano-scale 3D printing is one of the most important area in advanced manufacturing. There is a huge demand for complicated three-dimensional (3D) micro/nanostructures in various areas, e.g. MEMS, Biomedical engineering, Tissue engineering, New materials, New energy, HD display, Micro fluidics, Micro/Nano-optical devices, Micro/Nano sensors, Micro/Nano electronics, Optoelectronic device, Printed electronics, etc. Microscale 3-D Printing and Nano-Architecture based on composite material design have been recognized as one of Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies by MIT Technology Review Magazine in 2014 and 2015 consecutively.

Looking forward to your joining: HR@BMFTEC.CN