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Optical Process Engineer

Job description:

Take traditional lens processes and BMF’s micro/nano 3D printing process into account, develop processes suitable for BMF’s 3D printing technology to directly print micro/nano optics and optical lenses


1. Degree in opto-electronic information engineering or optical engineering, with deep theoretical understanding in optics, and have a vast knowledge of optics, mechanics and electronics;

2. At least 2 years of engineering experience in production department of optical lenses companies, with R&D experience in lenses made of photo-curing resin, and have good understanding of optical cold working;

3. Comprehensive understanding of processes and methods of lens quality test;

4. Comprehensive understanding of lens processing work flow.

BMF Material Technology Inc.

BMF Material Technology Inc.(BMF)focuses on the design, development and production of Micro/Nano-scale 3D printing system and Micro/Nano scale functional composite materials.
BMF is a spin-off company from the 3D Nano-manufacturing and Nano-photonics group led by Professor Nicholas Fang at MIT, co-founder and Chief Scientist of BMF.
BMF’s R&D team has extensive experiences in areas such as optical design, material development, hardware engineering, and nano-manufacturing, etc. BMF has offices in Boston (USA),Shenzhen and Hong Kong(China).
Micro/Nano-scale 3D printing is one of the most important area in advanced manufacturing. There is a huge demand for complicated three-dimensional (3D) micro/nanostructures in various areas, e.g. MEMS, Biomedical engineering, Tissue engineering, New materials, New energy, HD display, Micro fluidics, Micro/Nano-optical devices, Micro/Nano sensors, Micro/Nano electronics, Optoelectronic device, Printed electronics, etc. Microscale 3-D Printing and Nano-Architecture based on composite material design have been recognized as one of Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies by MIT Technology Review Magazine in 2014 and 2015 consecutively.

Looking forward to your joining: HR@BMFTEC.CN