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Sales Engineer

Job description:

1. Independently write market research report regarding company’s micro/nano 3D printing services;

2. Independently develop new clients, give product introduction, and timely collect client information;

3. Routinely maintain good relationship with important or potential clients;

4. Independently manage and follow the entire sales project, including promotion, planning, negotiation, signing the contract, delivery, product acceptance and the completion of sales;

5. Able to timely coordinate and deal with after-sales problems;

6. Give active response and timely solutions when clients have urgent requirements;

7. Coordinate and organize relevant marketing arrangement;

8. Routinely submit business reports.


1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, optics, precision mechanical, semiconductor or other electronic-related majors are preferred; good presentation and communication skills;

2. Have science background or engineering experience, familiar with technologies and development of new products;

3. At least 3 years of experience in sales, able to independently promote sales and coordinate customer relationship;

4. Backgrounds of lithography machine, scientific equipment are preferred; understand basic sales points and sales process of the equipment;

5. Accept frequent business travels (30% or above of the total work load).

BMF Material Technology Inc.

BMF Material Technology Inc.(BMF)focuses on the design, development and production of Micro/Nano-scale 3D printing system and Micro/Nano scale functional composite materials.
BMF is a spin-off company from the 3D Nano-manufacturing and Nano-photonics group led by Professor Nicholas Fang at MIT, co-founder and Chief Scientist of BMF.
BMF’s R&D team has extensive experiences in areas such as optical design, material development, hardware engineering, and nano-manufacturing, etc. BMF has offices in Boston (USA),Shenzhen and Hong Kong(China).
Micro/Nano-scale 3D printing is one of the most important area in advanced manufacturing. There is a huge demand for complicated three-dimensional (3D) micro/nanostructures in various areas, e.g. MEMS, Biomedical engineering, Tissue engineering, New materials, New energy, HD display, Micro fluidics, Micro/Nano-optical devices, Micro/Nano sensors, Micro/Nano electronics, Optoelectronic device, Printed electronics, etc. Microscale 3-D Printing and Nano-Architecture based on composite material design have been recognized as one of Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies by MIT Technology Review Magazine in 2014 and 2015 consecutively.

Looking forward to your joining: HR@BMFTEC.CN