nanoArch InP130
nanoArch™ is the first commercialized high resolution, multi-material 3D micro-fabrication equipment based on PμLSE (Projection Micro Litho Stereo Exposure) technology, which is designed for the research and development of functional composite materials.


Light Source

acrylic/polyurethane acrylic/polyester acrylic/
polyether acrylic/photosensitive resin

Printing Material


Exposure Resolution


XY Printing Resolution


Layer Thinkness

3.84mm * 2.16mm * 10mm

Printing Area

2mm in typical

10mm in Max

Printing Height


Printing Speed


Input Data File Format


Power Supply


External Dimensions


Total Weight
Micro-scale 3D Printing System
InP130  XY printing resolution down to 2μm

High resolution optical system and movement platform can be customized, with resolution down to 0.5μm.

Achieve both high resolution and large area through step-and-repeat process.

3D printed object with optical grade surface finish can be achieved through controlling the processing technology.

Real-time image monitoring, auto focus and exposure compensation.

Operation software with nanoArch graphic interface system and custom parameter setting.

Micro-scale 3D Printing System
InP130  XY printing resolution down to 2μm
Micro-scale 3D Printing System
Able to realize ultrahigh large-area printing, suitable for verification of basic theories and innovative research of principles in higher education institutions and research centers .
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After-Sales Services

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Repair repairable damaged parts, or debug malfunctions of the equipment.

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