Research-grade Equipment

nanoArch® is the first commercialized high resolution, multi-material 3D micro-fabrication equipment based on PμLSE (Projection Micro Litho Stereo Exposure) technology, which is designed for scientific R&D of functional composite materials.

Industrial-grade Equipment

nanoArch® In-Series high-precision 3D printing systems aim at providing ultra-high precision additive manufacturing capability for today’s industrial customers. nanoArch In-Series 3D printing systems are capable of achieving ultra-high printing resolution (2μm~ 50μm) and printing tolerance (+/- 5um ~ +/- 25um), thus providing partners with mold-free, ultra-high resolution fast prototyping capability.


BMF offers a range of high performance 3D printing materials, including tough resin, elastic resin, optical grade resin, high refractive index resin, casting resin, high temperature resin, etc., which can be selected according to requirements of the printing samples.
BMF’s professional R&D team of 3D printing materials is capable of developing suitable printing processes based on products to be printed, in order to deliver better sample designs.


High resolution optical system and movement platform can be customized, with resolution down to 0.5μm.

Achieve both high resolution and large area through step-and-repeat process.

3D printed object with optical grade surface finish can be achieved through controlling the processing technology.

Real-time image monitoring, auto focus and exposure compensation.

Operation software with nanoArch graphic interface system and custom parameter setting.

Operating Environment

Customer Showcase