BMF forms strategic partnership with Goertek Inc


On March 21, 2017, BMF Material signed strategic cooperation agreement with Goertek Inc., for the technical cooperation in complex microstructural optical lenses, to advance industrial development.


BMF Material is an innovative startup that focuses on the R&D, production and sales of micro/nano-scale 3D printing systems and micro/nano functional composite materials.


Goertek Inc. is a large, world-renowned listed company that focuses on R&D, manufacturing and sales of precision parts such as optics, micro acoustic modules, sensors, micro projector modules, as well as smart hardware like Visual Reality (VR)/ Augmented Reality (AR), smart wearables, smart stereo, robots/ drones, etc.


This time, BMF Material and Goertek will work on complex microstructural optical lenses, specifically BMF will provide Goertek with technical support for fabrication of micro/nano materials with complex structures and micro/nano-scale 3D printing technology.


Currently, fabrication of microstructural lenses is a technical hurdle for traditional manufacturing, which is limited by precision mold processing, and challenged in terms of processing cycle, cost and quality. In the meantime, there is huge market demand for complex microstructural optical lenses in industries like cameras, mobile phones, VR, endoscope, etc.


“The success of this cooperation will revolutionize the traditional manufacturing industry,” said BMF’s CEO Dr. Xiaoning He.


BMF Material visited Goertek Inc.  

Third from left: Nicholas X. Fang, BMF Material’s chief scientist;

Third from right: Xiangdong Zhang, Vice President of Goertek R&D Department