BMF Material Technology Inc., as leading enterprise of high precision 3D printing has completed Series A+ funding. The foundation under Haitong Securities Company Limited led the investment.


BMF Material Technology Inc., the international leading enterprise of high precision 3D printing has completed Series A+ funding last year led by the foundation under Haitong Securities Company Limited, followed by several famous investment companies such as Green Pine Capital Partners Co., Ltd., the foundation under Zhangjiagang, China Construction Bank etcetera. The company is valued at RMB one billion.

BMF Material Technology Inc. was found in 2016. The main business is the development, production and sales of high-precision micro/nano scale 3D printing equipments and various high precision devices. By 2018, nearly 400 companies from 10 countries globally had chosen BMF.



Due to the urgent needs of high precision printing, BMF Material leads the global high precision 3D printing industry.

As a technology-driven enterprise, BMF Material has been fully focused on its R&D investment. Three years after establishment, BMF Material has successfully applied its R&D achievements to production and sales, and became the only company in the world that can produce 3D printers with the resolution of 2μm. Up till now, all top 20 research institutes in China have purchased BMF’s equipments. Meanwhile, BMF’s equipments are also exported to Britain, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and many other countries.


In industrial application, 3M, Amphenol, GE Medical, Johnson & Johnson, Denso, Merck and many other top 500 companies in the world, as well as nearly 400 enterprises from 10 countries have collaborated with BMF. Among all, Johnson & Johnson once purchased more than ten thousands U.S. dollar worth of equipment. It is extremely rare for Chinese enterprise to export core precision manufacturing equipment to the world top 500. GE Medical has signed strategic collaboration agreement with BMF to jointly develop a new generation of filter media. 3M has praised BMF ‘the world’s best technological enterprise in micro/nano 3D printing’.


At the same time, BMF is expanding globally. John Kawola, authoritative person in 3D printing field, joined BMF as the CEO of international business. John Kawola used to be the chairman of Ultimaker North America, chairman of Envision TEC and CEO of Z Corporation. He has strong sales and marketing capabilities.