Academician Alexander H. Slocum, the American National Academy of Engineering, officially joined the BMF Material


Recently, Academician Alexander H. Slocum, the American Academy of Engineering, officially signed a contract to join the BMF Materials as a senior scientist. Academician Alexander is the member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Society for Precision Engineering, IEEE, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and the academician of National Academy of Engineering. He used to serve as a precision manufacturing technology consultant for the Obama administration. Meanwhile, in the field of precision mechanical design, precision manufacturing, and industrialization, he owns rich scientific research experience and abundant commercial resources.


Professor Alexander has won 130 U.S. patents by his inventions in mechanical design and precision manufacturing systems. He also published Precision Machine Design, People-Oriented Design Handbook (Japanese), Basic Design as well as academic papers in many professional fields.

Since 1988, Professor Alexander has been a professor of mechanical engineering department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For many years, he provided services for the US Secretary Defense Office - Foreign Strategic Trade, US Department of Justice - Bearing Tariff, National Institute of Standards and Technology - Technology Assessment, National Science Foundation - Review Panel, European International Scientific Committee, Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology Federation. And also, he served as vice chairman in Design Education Committee of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Chairman of ASME IDETC “Design Ideas” Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Chairman of ASME IDETC "Design Ideas" Conference in New York, etc.

Not only that, Professor Alexander, in the past 30 years of research, has won U.S. DoC Development of an Advanced Robot Gripper, U.S. DoC Bronze Medal Award for Federal Service, SME Earl E. Walker Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineers Award, ASCE Thomas Fitch Rowland Award, Annual R&D 100 - One of the 100 Best Annual New Technology Products, Who's Who Science and Engineering Award, Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award, ASME Leonardo da Vinci Award, ASME Ma Mechanic Design Award, ASME Tal Energy Prize, Charlie Carter Award from the Association Manufacturing Technology, the Capers and Marion MacDonald's Excellence in Guidance and Consulting Awards, and many of the highest awards in the international precision manufacturing industry. Among them, the "R&D 100" Award has been granted to Professor Alexander eleven times from 1994 to now. This award is known as the "Oscar Award" in the field of science and technology and highly praised in the field of international science and technology research and development.




On September 8th, 2018, Professor Alexander and his team visited the R&D center of BMF Precision Shenzhen Branch, and discussed with BMF R&D center engineers about the precision manufacturing machinery engineering technology. At the same time, he put forward his ideas. With his simplicity and dedication to technology, Professor Alexander joined BMF, which will help BMF be obtained strong technical support for the industrialization of Micro Nano Scale 3D printing precision device technology and global market expansion.