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the design, development and production of micro/nano-scale 3D printing systems and
micro/nano-scale functional composite materials.


BMF Material Technology Inc. is a global solution provider for micro/nano-scale 3D printing technology and disruptive precision manufacturing.

BMF Precision Technology Co, Ltd. focuses on providing high-precision 3D printing capability. Based on the proprietary ultra-high resolution micro/nano-scale 3D printing technology, BMF provides disruptive precision manufacturing capacity for global manufacturing industry.

nanoArch® In-Series high-precision 3D printing systems aim at providing ultra-high precision additive manufacturing capability for today’s industrial customers. nanoArch® In-Series 3D printing systems are capable of achieving ultra-high printing resolution (2μm~ 50μm) and printing tolerance (+/- 5um ~ +/- 25um), thus providing partners with mold-free, ultra-high resolution fast prototyping capability.

As a pioneer in ultra-high resolution micro/nano 3D printing area, BMF has more than 20 years of scientific research and engineering experience. BMF provides comprehensive technical solutions to our clients.

Industrial Solutions

BMF provides our worldwide clients with printing services of complex 3D microstructures in optics, precision connectors, biomedicine, etc. with a complete micro/nano 3D printing technology solution that coordinates technology, materials and processes.