nanoArch is the first commercialized high resolution, multi-material 3D micro-fabrication equipment based on PμLSE technology.

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the design, development and production of micro/nano-scale 3D printing systems and
micro/nano-scale functional composite materials.


BMF is a spin-off company from the Nanophotonics and 3D Nanomanufacturing
Laboratory led by Professor Nicholas Fang at MIT, co-founder and Chief Scientist of BMF

We focus on research and development of mold-free, one-shot fabrication of precision components, and offer technical solutions for manufacturing of complex 3D micro/nano structures. By combining different materials and processes, we are able to achieve high efficiency, low-cost batch production of end products and sell them on the global market.

Founded ounded in 2016, BMF has offices in Shenzhen (China Mainland), Boston (the U.S.) and Hong Kong. We base in China with a global vision. The R&D team is led by Nicholas X. Fang, BMF’s co-founder and the Chief Scientist, who is also a tenured professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The team includes some of the best talents in optics, material development, hardware engineering, and nano-manufacturing, with rich experience in product industrialization. Since its establishment, BMF has got investments from MIA Capital Partners, Green Pine Capital Partners, Shenzhen Capital Group and other renowned venture capitalists, with a total investment of nearly RMB 100 million. In one year’s development, BMF’s has already been valued at over USD 100 million, and has received the 11th Zero2IPO Ventures 50 Award · New Seed (2017).

Micro/nano-scale 3D printing (micro/nano structural additive manufacturing) is one of the most world-leading areas in advanced manufacturing. There is huge demand for complex 3D micro/nano structures in various areas, e.g. M/NEMS, precision optics, biomedicine, tissue engineering, new energy, HD display, microfluidic components, micro/nano optical components, micro/nano sensors, micro/nano electronics, bio-chips, optoelectronics, printed electronics, etc. Microscale 3-D Printing and Nano-Architecture have been acknowledged as one of 10 Breakthrough Technologies by MIT Technology Review magazine in 2014 and 2015 consecutively.

Industrial Solutions

BMF provides our worldwide clients with printing services of complex 3D microstructures in optics, precision connectors, biomedicine, etc. with a complete micro/nano 3D printing technology solution that coordinates technology, materials and processes.